Terrae Houses

The towns in Terrae are clustered around major Cities, which are led by Houses of ancient families.

Houses are community driven. Each House has its own leader, which is selected by community or, in the early days, chosen between those who complete the initial challenges.

All houses will be eligible for monthly $DENI rewards based upon the total points gathered by all contributing members. After you get the role you’ll be able to represent your House and rack up points for the monthly quota. Here are the first three houses and their tasks:

  • 🪓 Baldor: Dwarfs. Community tasks are based around event organizations and quality of life suggestions.

  • 🏹 Larandel: Elves. Community tasks are based around Terrae history and fan lore writers.

  • ⚔️Taramos: Humans. Community tasks are based around memes and AV content.

In this section, we discuss the main Houses at the beginning of the Age of Revolution. Other Houses will emerge by vote, in the Councils that will be held soon.

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