After the Lord of Shadows was defeated in the Battle of the Snows, with the fall of the Age of Darkness and the birth of the Age of Revolution, the Free Peoples begin to meet in deliberative Councils to make decisions about the future of Terrae. Inhabitants of Terrae holding Denaris tokens or LP tokens will receive House voting rights, proportional to their positions. LP positions have a multiplier when calculating voting power, favoring citizens who provide liquidity to the markets. The value of this parameter will be reviewed in a future Council.

The First Council of the Wise will be held in the first epochs of the Age of the Revolution (approximately mid-January 2022 in the human world). In this First Council, Terrae members will discuss important aspects related with Houses.

The Council of the Wise will meet on a recurring basis to make decisions on the inclusion of new civilizations, the development of the map, the development of new stories, changes in the game dynamics and even in the economy.

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