Why Polygon?

The terrae team analyzed in great detail different blockchain alternatives to deploy the project. The main requirements we were looking for in a blockchain were:
EVM compatible to be able to deploy contracts developed in Solidity, since our team has a wide expertise in development using this technology;
Fast transactions, to be able to deploy a game that runs without affecting gameplay;
Negligible transaction costs, to facilitate access to as many people as possible;
The blockchain should have a professional team behind it to develop and maintain it;
The blockchain should have a good community to support us if problems arise;
At the same time, it should be adopted by the community, so that it does not generate rejection.
Terrae team decided to launch the project on Polygon: a 3rd generation EVM compatible blockchain. Polygon combines the best of Ethereum and sovereign blockchains into a full-fledged multi-chain system. Some of its major features:
Nearly zero gas fees
Fast speed: block time between 2s and 3s
Scalability: 7.2k TPS
Open, powerful, inherently secure
Interoperability protocol to exchange messages with Ethereum
Easy to adopt by Ethereum developers
Terrae runs on Polygon blockchain.

Comparisson Between Ethereum and Polygon Transactions Fees Cost

Polygon transaction fee costs are negligible.