Terrae Houses

Several Houses coexist on Terrae. Each House has its own history, its own culture, its own architectural style and its own military intelligence. At the beginning of the Age of Revolution, only three Houses are recognized by the Free Peoples: House Larandel, of the wood elves; House Taramos, of the virtuous Men and House Baldor, of the stout dwarves.

At the beginning of the game, each player will be asked to decide which House to honor. This will define, on the one hand, the technologies to which he will have access and the type of soldiers he will be able to train. On the other hand, he will forge an alliance with the other players belonging to the same house.

Players belonging to the same house cannot fight against each other. On the contrary, they enhance their military power in the defense of the territory. Players of different Houses fight in battles for strategic positions. These positions grant rewards to the members of the House they belong to.

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