Denaris Token

Denaris ($DENI) is an ERC20 token, the main currency of Terrae. In genesis 50M tokens are minted, and not a single coin will ever be produced. On the contrary, in burning events tokens will be destroyed, which generates a deflationary economy. The amount of tokens burned depends on the trading activity in the swap pools.

Terrae's economy generates financial incentives for early participants. The liquidity providers in the swap pools will be able to stake LP tokens in different farms where returns in $DENI can be obtained.

While $DENI will initially be a financial speculative element, over time it will take on utilitarian value as the Terrae game develops. $DENI main uses cases will be:

to acquire lands: lands are basic pieces of the map where players can earn natural resources and train troops to fight in combat. Lands will be sold in $DENI only in presales.

to acquiere NFTs (knights, heroes, wizards) in presales: special characters will be needed to have extra gadgets during battles.

to trade on the P2P marketplace: the in-game marketplace will use only $DENI as a medium of exchange.

to swap resources (gold, stone, wood, others) in pools: some players will specialize in mining gold, others in collecting fruits, and others in producing other types of resources. Players will be able to go to the pair pools to sell their excess resources and acquire others, and will use $DENI as a currency of exchange.

to inject liquidity in pair pools and earn yield on LPs: Terrae DEX will allow liquidity providers to earn yield on their deposits. Each swap in the pair pool accumulates 0.3% as fees, and will be distributed between LPs, the Bank and, also, for future burning events.

to lend/borrow from Bank: the Bank, known also as the Reserve of the Free Peoples, will allow users to borrow money ($DENI) from it, depositing a collateral and paying an interest considering an APY that will change depending on the total reserve and the volumen of money lent. Lenders will also earn passive income at a variable APY.

as a governance token: token holders and LP holders have voting power in the Council in decisions that define the future of the economy and the game.

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