The Team Behind Terrae

Passionate tech entrepreneurs.

The world of Terrae was conceived as an idea in mid 2018, when a group of entrepreneurs and developers passionate about blockchain technology and medieval stories such as Braveheart, Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings, imagined the fusion of all these ideas in a decentralized world. For a long time, these entrepreneurs gained experience in different projects in the world of blockchain, mainly in the area of gaming and DeFi. It took three more years for these ideas to get down to lines of code and begin to become a reality.

Meet the Team

Federico Caccia

Project Lead

Federico is the project lead of Terrae, working mostly on the economy, the general game design and the project coordination. He has been working in blockchain industry for years, both as developer and as team lead in multiple projects, mostly in DeFi industry. He is the CEO at Rather Labs, a blockchain consultancy firm set on Argentina.




Franco Scucchiero

Tech Lead

Franco is leading the tech development in Terrae, working mostly on smart contracts. He has a strong background in blockchain industry, mostly on finance and smart contracts development. He is the CTO at Rather Labs.

Linkedin: https://linkedin/in/scucchiero

Ramiro Carracedo

Blockchain Developer

Ramiro is developing smart contracts, tools and backend components in Terrae. He has a strong background in security and systems maintenance.


Fran Niño Rabadán


Fran is an illustrator based in Spain. He develops the illustrations, character design and concept art. Fran has worked on animation, game and editorial projects.



Damián Campana

Frontend Developer


Alex Jhoan

Frontend Developer

Roman Vitolo

Community Growth & Game Design


Solkiomary Pineda

UX/UI Designer

Solkiomary currently working as the UX/UI Designer for Terrae team. Lover of design digital products and NFT's World.



Damián Ratto

Marketing Lead

Franco Mangussi

Marketing Coordinator

Sabrina Acosta

Community Manager (Twitter)

Future PR. Cat lover, kind of gamer, interested in crypto and marketing world.

Matías Martos

Community Manager (Discord)

Full time gamer, crypto enthusiast, didn't learn to jump the rope.


Diego Neiva

Video Edition

Lord of the Rings fan. Influencer and RatherTV conductor.


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