Ages in Terrae

Age of Darkness

No one knows exactly if Terrae had a beginning, or if it existed from the beginning of time. The ancient records that were kept in the Library of the Ancestors and told stories of times past to the Age of Darkness were lost when the Lord of Shadows rose to political power and dominated the people, burning the major cities of Terrae and destroying everything in his path.

For countless years, known as the Age of Darkness, the Lord of Shadows oppressed the peoples, incapacitating them and preventing their development. The Lord of Shadows issued an Empire coin, SHADOW, used to pay citizens for their jobs, but he suffocated them with terrible taxes. The citizens of Terrae worked the land to survive, the rest of the income was offered as tribute to the Lord. The Lord of Shadows only used the riches to feed his power: his armies grew stronger and stronger, the walls of his cities higher and higher.

Age of Revolution

The oppression and social unrest came to a head when the Elusive Knight managed to sneak into the Shadow Reservoir Cavern and discovered entire vaults full of new SHADOW coins cradled in cheap metal alloys. The quantity of coins found was beyond the ability to count them.

The Elusive Knight ran to tell the news to the Free Peoples, who immediately understood that the currency with which the Lord of the Shadows was rewarding their work was worthless. On the sly, they decided to mint their own currency, on the basis of which they would develop their own internal economy, the Denaris. To generate the coins, each of the Peoples contributed the most precious metals they had in their domain. The coins of Denaris were generated on the basis of an alloy of the highest value. But it was not the metals that gave their value. It was the common agreement that they would never again melt metals brought from all the kingdoms to create more coins. If, at any time, any of the kingdoms tried to cheat, they would generate coins with an alloy of missing metals, which would easily be exposed.

Thus, the Denaris entered into circulation, ushering in the Age of Revolution. The Free Peoples mutinied and refused to continue paying tribute to the Lord of Shadows. The Lord of Shadows, of course, was quick to react. Many battles were fought during these days. Although at the beginning the balance was tilted towards the Lord of Shadows, thanks to persistence, the Free Peoples were able to offer better resistance: the Lord of Shadows began to exhaust his resources, since he no longer had a constant income as before.

One evening, the Lord of Shadows was struck down in the Land of the Marshes, which was the main access to the fertile lands worked by the Free Peoples. When he lost this access, he began to retreat. In a short time he was losing many strategic positions and, finally, one dawn he was defeated in the Battle of the Snows, in the Nordic lands near his City. When he lost this battle, his power came to an end, and the Free Peoples emerged and rose to power. The Age of Revolution formally started.

However, the Free Peoples do not manage to defeat the Lord of Shadows, who secludes himself in his walled City and from which he plans to return to reestablish his empire.

Age of Democracy

The Age of Democracy has not yet been reached in Terrae. It is assumed that in a not too distant time, the Free Peoples will defeat the Lord of Shadows and take the Dark City, destroying SHADOW and freeing Terrae forever from slavery and terror.

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