Terra Resources

Citizens of Terrae need to work the land to obtain resources, which are the basis of the game's economy. Lands offer different resources depending on their location, and therefore, some land holders will be able to produce some resources more easily than others. For example, players located on lands near mountains will be able to mine metal, while players located near forests will be able to obtain wood more easily.

Some players will overproduce resources of some kind, and will then be able to become exporters. On the central market, they will be able to sell their resources in exchange for Denaris, and thus monetize their game. Similarly, if players need certain resources to construct buildings or to train their armies, they can get them on the market.

Resources are, technically speaking, ERC20 tokens with mint and burn economy model: tokens are minted when mined, and burnt each time the players consume them to build a construction or to train a soldier.

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