The Gameplay

As a new player in Terrae, you can customize your character and select the House you will honor. Next, you establish your Terra, your corner of the Terrae world, where you will begin your adventures. Terra are unique portions of land in the world of Terrae. You start from scratch, but soon you can start constructing buildings such as barracks, markets, universities, armories, farms and others. Buildings allow you to develop your economic activity, research technologies, increase the population and train troops to defend the city and fight in battles of conquest. Prove your bravery by leading your empire to glory!

Not all citizens will become Kings on their cities. Some citizens do not own Terra, for example traders, who are only interested in participating in economic activities, or those of lower income, who go to Feudal Lords to work their lands. There is a scholarship system, in which new players do not have to make an investment to own land. These citizens will not be able to participate in battles or challenges, but they can obtain rewards and with them, save to buy their first Terra.

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