Decentralized finance and gaming in the Middle Earth. Rise your empire and earn crypto.


Welcome to Terrae! Terrae is a GameFi platform set on a medieval world running on Polygon blockchain. Denaris ($DENI) is an ERC20 that fuels Terrae world. Terrae is solving the problem of liquidity leakage on decentralized exchanges, by giving real value to the reward token ($DENI). Players need $DENI to make progress on their game evolution. With $DENI they can build cities, train armies and fight in battles to prove their worth. Their main incentive is that part of the DEX fees are designated as rewards to the game winners.
Shape your own destiny in Terrae.

How Terrae is a Play to Earn Game?

Players dedicate their time to the growth of the ecosystem. Therefore, it is natural to think that they should be rewarded:
  • by working the land, players harvest natural resources that they can then sell on the market, thereby monetizing their time invested.
  • players can train troops specialized in certain military arts, which can also be traded on the market.
  • finally, players participate with their armies in weekly tournaments in which they try to prove their superiority, and compete for prizes that are built up by accumulating a percentage of the fees collected in the swap pools and the marketplace.

Is Terrae Suitable for Investors?

Investors can benefit from multiple activities:
  • injecting liquidity into the pair pools
  • yield farming of LP tokens
  • lending Denaris to the Bank
  • lending Terra parcels in the scholarship system
Visit the Earn section to learn more.
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